Thursday, February 2


note: we are parked... in case you were wondering.

Well, well, well. Hmmmm. This is exactly how I feel, lots of huffs and puffs. I'm so stressed out that I'm doing that deep exhale thing every thirty minutes or so because it actually feels like weight is being lifted.
Things have gone a bit topsy turvy since we got here. The corporate house they had waiting for us is still occupied by another family that was supposed to move out two weeks ago. My husband's new position is based out a Canton, Pennsylvania. We have spent that past few days driving to neighboring towns trying to decide what is best for our family right now and we have settled on Williamsport. It's the biggest town around here yet has population of about 40,000. Thats a big change from Houston, but I think I will be happy here. The local grocer has a large natural foods section (in lieu of Whole Foods) and the closest thing to a mall is the brand new Kohl's right off the highway (hello online shopping). Theres not even a Target here but that only means I will be forced to support the little local stores in town, which really is a good thing. Theres a housing shortage here due the to oil boom in the last few years (which is why we're here too).  I found an amazing apartment that was built in the late 1800's and we are waiting to here back from them. I hope it works out- its amazing! Say a little prayer for us :)

Oh yeah, we celebrated Ethum's 3rd birthday in the car by letting him eat candy all day. ha.ha.

Sorry for the ramble jamble. I didn't even edit these photos. bad, bad blogger. I hope things get back to normal soon!