Wednesday, November 30

DIY /// Laundry Detergent.

Inspired by my friend Jocelyn who recently made her own and this tutorial found on Amanda Soule's blog, I decided to make my own laundry detergent. Don't feel intimidated. For some reason, I did at first...'thinking' about making some for months and buying detergent from Target in between those thoughts. ha.ha. Finally, I decided to go for it!

1 1/2 cups of Borax (you can find this at Target or most grocery stores)
1 1/2 cups of  Arm and Hammer washing soda (I could not find this at Target, but did at the grocery)
1/2 cup of baking soda
1 bar of soap (anything will do but I used Canus goats milk lavender soap from Whole Foods)

  1. Gather supplies.
  2. Combine Borax, washing soda, and baking soda.
  3. Finely grate the bar of soap.
  4. Add grated soap to Borax mixture.
  5. Pour into a jar or container.


For every large load, I use approximately 3 tablespoons. It takes about 5 minutes to make, costs about $3, lasts us for several weeks, and it's all-natural. I love having the ability to just make more when I run out instead of  late night emergency runs to the market to purchase the pre-made stuff. Plus, all of the ingredients are multi-purpose. You can do it too, I promise! If you have any questions at all, feel free to comment or e-mail me.


Tuesday, November 29


Happy birthday husband! Yous a honey bee-

We've been celebrating Dave's birthday for almost a week! We never know when he'll be called out to work so I took every opportunity I could to par-tay. On the first day, he opened gifts. I am so bad at keeping secrets from him (aka I can't help but give the gifts once I have them). I'm a terrible wife, right? On the second day, I made the 'tunnel of fudge' cake from Cook's Illustrated Best Ever issue. The third day, I made a steak dinner with asparagus, homemade hollandaise sauce, and Rebbecca Rather's sweet potato biscuits (we call this a man meal). Day four, ehh... wasn't that exciting but he got to pick out the movie we watched that night. Couch dates are about as good as it gets right now. We don't have a babysitter anymore, as Dave's parents moved back to OKC. And on day five (today), we went to Tacos A-Go-Go for lunch and then we dropped him off at home to catch a few Z's before heading to work for an overnight shift. womp wooomp. It stinks that he has to work tonight but I think we got a lot of celebrating in. 

Dave, you are such a great husband and papa bear. We do love you, so much.  I hope you know how much we appreciate everything you are and everything you do. Smooches! xo


[banner was handmade using pages from a catalog and an exacto knife.]

Monday, November 28


1) Hot chocolate. 2) Avre just being a cutie pie. 3) Homemade Advent wreath.
4) Black Hole sammies. 5) Moi and bebe at the tree farm.


Friday, November 25


Hey Friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Today, we went to the Christmas tree farm! We went to the farm that I've been going to for half of my life. Traditions are a big deal around these parts. It was Ethum's first time to go and this is the first Christmas that he's actually excited about. Here's some photos of our day taken with the Instagram app...

'Tis the season!

Tuesday, November 22

DAY 11.

Dave has been at work for 11 days now. This is the second time this month that he's been gone over a week. It's getting a little hectic around here. I had a surprise visit from family yesterday which allowed me to go out with friends. It was... so nice.

Come home, Daddy. We miss you.


Monday, November 21


After I painted my nails a pretty light brown color, I asked Ethum, "Do they look nice?"
Ethum says, "No. It's brown." ... Well.


Thursday, November 17


1) My diaper bag sitting pretty on a chair. 2) Handmade tags.
 3) Whole wheat maple chocolate chip cookies. 4) Birthday shoes. 5) A knitting project.



If you know Dave and I, you know that we have big dreams of planting our roots out on some acreage, doing the whole 'living off the land' thing. I can just imagine gardening all day, shaving sheep and spinning my own yarn, the boys roaming around with the chickens, Dave building things in his workshop, etc etc. How simple and perfect it would be... A dream.
My sweet friend, Emily, gifted this hilarious little succulent complete with tiny chicken, so that I would have a daily reminder of those dreams. Isn't she great? Thanks again, Emily!



A vintage paint by number, vintage postcard and Ethum's paper chain.

Ethum's watercolor painting.

It seems that a lot of folks are having the same problem.. What everyone really wants to do is just skip Thanksgiving and move right on to trimming the tree. Some of you won't say it, but I know that's what you're really thinkin'. Therefore, the fall decor is struggling. Here's the extent of the autumnal spirit around these parts ;)


Pine cones, pumpkin, vintage owl and handmade candles.

A vintage card c/o Dave's mom. Isn't it darlin'?
 I really do love Thanksgiving, but Christmas decor is so much more fun, right? 

Wednesday, November 16


"Why sometimes I've believed as many six impossible things before breakfast." - Lewis Carroll

I came across this magical quote this morning and how fitting it is for this time of year. It feels so strange that Christmas is only a month and a half away. I mean, it's still hot outside! I continue to find myself coming up with more projects and handmade gift ideas even though I have nearly everyone crossed off my list and just plain have enough on my plate already. Nonetheless, I believe that I have enough time to get it all done. And maybe I do but at the end of the day I am exhausted... yet the list keeps growing! Can one really complain of an abundance of inspiration and creativity? I shouldn't think so.

 Ethum last Christmas :)

Tuesday, November 15


This morning, I made big plans to go the park, have a picnic and play for as long as Avre could manage. I packed us a nice and simple lunch (that I prepared in less than 5 minutes) and we were out the door. As soon as we got to the car I realized that it might rain today (given those clouds overhead). My husband will not be surprised at all to hear that I just said, 'meh', and hopped in the car anyway. Well, just about 3 seconds after the last photo was taken, it started to rain! My first instinct was to run to the car but then realized that meant, a) we wouldn't eat lunch b) I had to gather everything and put it back in the basket c) fasten the basket and d) convince Ethum we should leave, all while holding Avre. So, I decided we would stay since we were doomed to wetness anyway. We didn't even eat any faster than we would if it were sunny. We were sopping wet when it was over but I'd say it was well worth it. 

{fun fact: This tablecloth was given to Dave's grandparents as a wedding gift- pretty cool, right?}


Sunday, November 13

ETSY FAVORITES- For the Little Ones.

Hello! With Christmas coming up and all I decided to make a short list of some of my favorite gift ideas found on Etsy. What are your favorite shops for children?

vintage fisher price.
wooden teether.

fox on bike tee.

pretty print.

ex libris stamp.

fox clock.

cloud mobile.


On Sunday we stayed home all day. We didn't even go to church since Dave is out of town and I didn't exactly feel like I had the energy to manage both boys during the service. Anyway, I always feel a little guilty on days like this since we live in an apartment complex and the only outdoors Ethum enjoys is on the porch with the parking lot view. I decided to set up a little project that he could, for the most part, work on independently. He loves saying "Ethum's project" and I love hearing him say it. I also love to watch his little fingers working away. He's just so gentle and deliberate. Every kid needs to make a paper chain at least once in their life, right?
- Amanda