Hey there!
I'm Amanda. 
So glad you found me!

I don't even know where to begin on writing a bio so I'll just give you some facts...
-I am a young wife and mom to two sweet little boys and we're expecting baby #3 in April!
-I'm from Alaska and my husband, Dave, is from Oklahoma. 
-7 years ago, we met in Houston, Texas at a coffee shop, where he worked. We have a funny little story about that... I'll share later.
-I am 22 and Dave is 28.
-Earlier this year we moved to Williamsport, Pennsylvania to pursue a job promotion for my husband. I miss our family and friends!!
-We are Christians and we attend an Episcopal church.
-My favorite hobbies are cooking, crafting, reading, and thrift store hunting (probably in that order).

Feel free to poke your nose around!


  1. Hi- stumbled across your blog- what a great space! Looking forward to keeping up!