Saturday, May 26


1)bubble babies. 2)outfit planning 3) mint. 4)wrong turn to jersey. 5)first plane rides. 6)the fruits of nancy's labor. 7)co-hosting my niece's tea party. 8)cousin "twins". 9)new shoes. 10&11)lunch at the wedge in OKC. 12)coming home to fun mail from friends.

Tidbits from our trip:

Monday, May 7


1) anniversary orchid. four blooms for our four year. he's so thoughful :)
2) notes to a pen pal.
3) after bath naked play.
4) chasing away the rainy day blues.

4) homemade california burgers
5) our drive to philadelphia.
6) shoes.
7) he's just as excited about those coffee beans as we are ;)

9) new rug love.
10) men bein' men.
11) amazing new to me yogurt.
12) the face of a yogurt lover.

ps. do you want to know why all you've been seeing an overload of iphone photos? well, I started fiddling with my camera setting and now everything is completely out of wack... I'm still trying to 'fix' it. silly me.

Thursday, May 3


A few quotes from Ethum (our three year old).

- me: ethum, you're handsome
  e:  no.
  me- you look terrible? 
  e-  yep

- out of nowhere... "it's your father's wife".

- another out of nowhere... "I don't understand what you're talking about". 
  10 minutes later...
  e- you're crazy
  me- why?
  e- ...don't worry about it

...he's basically a teenager.
 and yep, his underwear are on backwards...