Monday, August 20

The Name Game.

I'm not going to pretend to possess the ability to keep exciting things to myself. I've already made a list of possible boy names... (still working on girl names)
Boy names:
Alec (think uh-leck, not al-lick)

And a brief explanation of how we came up with our other two boys' names... Ethum- before Dave and I were even married, I was up one night reading Exodus and there is a place called Etham, meaning solid, enduring. I knew I wanted to use it as a name right then, so it stuck. Ethum's middle name is Asher which is also a biblical name that means blessed, happy. Our younger son's name is Leland Avre (like Avery). We mostly use his second name but he was named after his great-grandpa, Leland. Avre is the name of a river in France and I discovered it in Fyodor Dostoyevsky's 'The Idiot'. Once again, I wasn't pregnant yet, but the name stuck.

We're pretty set on a certain combination but I thought it would be fun if you guys would put a few names together in the comments- Would ya?
Also, I would love to hear any fun stories of how you decided on your kiddo's name (or how your parents chose your name).



  1. Love the name Linus! Linus Coen, perhaps?

    Other than Clem being my maiden name, Alice Clementine's name doesn't have much of an interesting story behind it (except "we liked it"). Names with stories are pretty great, though. :)

    1. Well I think Alice Clementine is a super cute name and so clever! One girls name I had in mind while preggers with Avre was Margot Pear. I guess it's cute to name your daughter after fruit hehe.

  2. Love Ellis and Graham :)

  3. Ellis Abram? That's my official guess. Eric and I talk about names a lot...and we are not even expecting. I would really like there to be a "story" behind the names we pick, but sometimes I just love a name for no reason. I love that your inspiration came from the Bible and literature(Dostoevesky!! Love).

  4. Ohhh these are such great names! I've never heard of Linus or Sayer before, but they're really cool!

  5. I love both of your boys names! I'm having a boy in 4 weeks and we're still debating between two names.