Tuesday, April 24


1) making a minor dent in my vintage fabric stash.
2) a new wall-hanging for my boys (inspired by this book.)
3) banana-sour cream pancakes with lemon zest.
4) Red Jacket apple-strawberry juice. Yum!

5) flowers from a tree at the park.
6) popcorn for dinner... twice.
7) amazing thrift find.
8) a rare occasion.

9) the product of a 'happy' sink.
10) I tried marmite for the first time and loved it.
11) plum preserves.
12) a homemade preschool project.

A few things:
- chocolate ice cream and pretzel sticks are a dangerous combo- I'm addicted.
- does Gotye remind anyone else of Phil Collins?
- scented trash bags were the worst idea I've ever had.
- is anyone looking for vintage fabric? my mother-in-law has some great stuff in her shop.

I have a few DIYs in the works that are perfect for mother's day- see ya soon!


  1. Scented trash bags: a recent failure of my own. I had a headache after just one whiff. I might have yelled at the trash bag.

    I just love that wall-book-hanging cuteness!

  2. Thanks for stopping by The Stitchy Life recently and saying hello :D

    Loving your thrift finds and that sweet sleeping baby! Can't wait to check out your other posts- following along!
    Happy Tuesday,

  3. Love all your pics!!

    Looks like you scored with the thrifted goods.
    Thanks for reminding me about Mother's Day...I need to get started!

  4. I love your thrifting goodies! And is there anything better than a rack full of clean dishes?

    Scented garbage bags are awful! We bought lemon scented ones by accident last time and I can't wait until I use them up. So gross.

  5. Love this collection of picks, so inspiring!