Thursday, May 3


A few quotes from Ethum (our three year old).

- me: ethum, you're handsome
  e:  no.
  me- you look terrible? 
  e-  yep

- out of nowhere... "it's your father's wife".

- another out of nowhere... "I don't understand what you're talking about". 
  10 minutes later...
  e- you're crazy
  me- why?
  e- ...don't worry about it

...he's basically a teenager.
 and yep, his underwear are on backwards...



  1. Hahaha this is great! I had just posted on FB today about some of the crazy things my 4 year old was saying. The underwear on backwards thing always cracks me up. Boys are so crazy and so much fun.

  2. ha, love this post. i love how he's already got the random teenage talk down. oh, and that his underwear is backwards. too adorable!
    xo TJ