Sunday, November 13


On Sunday we stayed home all day. We didn't even go to church since Dave is out of town and I didn't exactly feel like I had the energy to manage both boys during the service. Anyway, I always feel a little guilty on days like this since we live in an apartment complex and the only outdoors Ethum enjoys is on the porch with the parking lot view. I decided to set up a little project that he could, for the most part, work on independently. He loves saying "Ethum's project" and I love hearing him say it. I also love to watch his little fingers working away. He's just so gentle and deliberate. Every kid needs to make a paper chain at least once in their life, right?
- Amanda


  1. Gorgeous photos. Ethum is so handsome & it looks like a Sunday afternoon well spent!

  2. Such sweet little hands! I can't imagine Alice being old enough to do crafts... can't wait!