Tuesday, November 29


Happy birthday husband! Yous a honey bee-

We've been celebrating Dave's birthday for almost a week! We never know when he'll be called out to work so I took every opportunity I could to par-tay. On the first day, he opened gifts. I am so bad at keeping secrets from him (aka I can't help but give the gifts once I have them). I'm a terrible wife, right? On the second day, I made the 'tunnel of fudge' cake from Cook's Illustrated Best Ever issue. The third day, I made a steak dinner with asparagus, homemade hollandaise sauce, and Rebbecca Rather's sweet potato biscuits (we call this a man meal). Day four, ehh... wasn't that exciting but he got to pick out the movie we watched that night. Couch dates are about as good as it gets right now. We don't have a babysitter anymore, as Dave's parents moved back to OKC. And on day five (today), we went to Tacos A-Go-Go for lunch and then we dropped him off at home to catch a few Z's before heading to work for an overnight shift. womp wooomp. It stinks that he has to work tonight but I think we got a lot of celebrating in. 

Dave, you are such a great husband and papa bear. We do love you, so much.  I hope you know how much we appreciate everything you are and everything you do. Smooches! xo


[banner was handmade using pages from a catalog and an exacto knife.]

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