Friday, January 6

DIY/// A Party Garland Thats Fit for a Boy

You need:
 Fabric (size depends on how much garland you want)
 Rotary cutter
 Rotary mat

Cut your fabric into strips approx. 1-2 in. x 10-12 in. (You don't need to worry about them being perfect.) Next, take one strip and fold it over the yarn as shown in photo 3. Tie a knot. Repeat in 6 in. intervals.

I'm making several garlands like this with assorted solids and prints and stringing them with crepe paper streamer. I'll share photos after Ethum's party next weekend!
I've made a tradition of making handmade decorations for each of his birthday parties.
Here's bad photo  year one + two:

felt circle garland.

vintage upholstery sample bunting.


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