Thursday, January 5


The past few day have been kind of crazy. Avre is teething and hasn't been wanting to nap on his own for two days now and I'm guessing its because of the discomfort he is in. I resorted to rocking him to sleep. I have resorted to this for every nap and bed time for two days and I'm now worried that if this goes on much longer, I will have ruined all my efforts at sleep training! Agh! I am a firm believer in giving my children 'the gift' of falling asleep on their own and I start this training at a very young age. I was always aloud to sleep in my parents bed when ever I wanted as a child and shared a bedroom with a sibling or two my whole life until I was married and guess what... I'm 22 and I'm afraid of the dark- still!! Some friends have given me the name an all natural teething pain reliever, so I'll be looking for that first thing tomorrow.
Needless to say, my house work (and everything else work) has been terrible with carrying around a 6 month old all day. I stopped using our baby sling when he decided he didn't like to lie down when held and haven't used it since. Last night, an image popped into my head of a woman carrying around her toddler in a sling and then a light bulb turned on- bing! I broke out the sling and adjusted it so that he could sit with his legs wrapped around me. What a life saver! Dinner still took me almost half as long but hey- we didn't have to order pizza and he didn't make a peep!


We purchased this sling since it was the best looking, for $30.



  1. Oh gosh, these pics are adorable!!! Love how he's watching you in that first picture :)

  2. Whats your normal sleep training routine like? i've procrastinated up to now on starting it telling myself I'd start when Ian's sleep patterns are evident. He's 3 months now and i need to get crackin, what tips can you offer?

  3. Look at that lil monkey! He's adorable. I'm kind of dreading Alice's teething days ahead. For now, she's a good "self-soother" when it's nap time. :)

  4. Oh my goodness, these are precious pictures!!! I'm sorry that he's hurting, but he is beautiful!

  5. Eleonore,
    I start them on a schedule starting at about week 2. I make sure they eat right when they wake up in the morning and naptime vs. feeding them to sleep. This is a very important step in the routine thing. Keep him on a routine interval (which can be anywhere from 2-4 hours) sleep/wake/eat pattern (every baby is different). Once its bed/nap time I snuggle him up his crib/bassinet and then if he cries, I check on him about every 5 mins to re-adjust, etc until he falls asleep. Sometimes, I have to go back in there 5 times and sometimes I don't at all. If you have any other questions, just ask! Also, I recommend the book, Baby Wise. Hope that helps!