Wednesday, January 25

A PEEK - The Boys Room.

Hey everyone! Yesterday, I drove to Oklahoma City all by myself with the littles in tow. It actually wasn't too bad, but an eight hour drive is never fun.  Dave will be here tomorrow. He had to stay back to finish packing up the house. He has worked so hard... I feel so bad that he had to do it alone. Friday, we'll begin our journey to Pennsylvania. Day one, our destination will be St. Louis, Missouri, day two will be Columbus, Ohio and day three will be Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Monday, we'll be finding out were exactly we'll be moving. My husband's company has rented a fully furnished home for us, but I have yet to see what it looks like, nor have I seen the town. This will be interesting...
Anywho, I told you all I would share some photos of the boys room, and even though we are no longer living there, here they are...

I'm too frazzled to go into a lot of detail about the rooms at this point, but I hope enjoyed the peek!



  1. Just browsing your blog and couldnt help loving the platform bed your toddlers bed is on. Where could i find one? My daughters bed is currently on the floor.

    1. It's from Ikea but I don't think they make it anymore. It was my husband's bachelor bed ;)