Thursday, December 8


It has just been a cookie fest over here this week. This is the third batch of spritz cookies I made (this week). We made batch one with a friend and her four little ones, batch two was just Ethum and I for our family and the guys Dave works with, and the third batch was for Dave's brothers, Joe and Jake, who are away at college. I'm such a good sister-in-law, right? Well, the truth is that Joe is halfway through his third year of college and this is the first box of goodies we've sent. Even though I have been meaning to send some since year one. ha. ha. Anyway, these cookies are addicting- my goodness! I just made the recipe that comes with the cookie press, minus the almond extract and add a little extra vanilla. I almost need to hide them from myself. nom nom. Also, this week I made my first attempt at my granny's fudge... and failed. I think I need to invest in a digital candy thermometer, as the recipe says to take the fudge off the heat at exactly 234 degrees. The fudge never set and is now in a mason jar in the refrigerator, labeled 'fudge sauce'.  I just couldn't dump all that chocolate-y goodness in the trash, now could I?

What have you been baking lately?


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  1. Yes, you are a better sister-in-law than I... I did address Christmas cards to the boys today, though. That should count for something...