Monday, December 5


The retro-fied Advent wreath- I made the wreath out of cutting from our tree and tied it together with wire. We searched two stores (with both kids) and could not find purple and pink candles, so we went with plain white 'catholic' candles, like the ones you would find at a dollar store. I used a mixture of new and vintage 'atomic' star ornaments for decoration. In the center I used vintage angel hair and a mason jar filled with icy-blue and silver vintage Shiny Brite ornaments.

The buffet (which is also our desk)- I love switching out little decorations on the typewriter. In this photo I have a little vintage red bird perched on it, as well as a photo of Dave and his brother,Nathan, on Christmas morning in the 80's. Also on the desk I have a trio of tree bark candles, a glass tree, and a vintage serving tray that my mother-in-law gave me. On the wall is this lovely print that my sister, Brandi, gifted me last Christmas and our handmade stockings.

The side table- I have adorned this side table with a stack of classic Christmas books, a pair of vintage slippers, and a sweet little vintage deer. Vintage! Vintage! Vintage! You're probably wondering what isn't vintage. ha. ha.

How do you decorate for Christmas? Do you keep it the same every year or do you switch it up?



  1. This here introvert loves the "Let's Stay Home" sign. :~)

  2. i LOVE all your vintage christmas decor! so sweet!