Monday, December 12


Last Friday night, we went to our favorite spot in Houston, DownHouse. They have excellent everything- food, coffee, ambiance, staff, you name it! Our plan was to try out a brand new restaurant in the neighborhood called Liberty Kitchen, but they were booked with an hour wait. We were starving and had the littles in tow, so that was a no-go. DownHouse was also packed but since no one had the 'private room with the large table' reserved, they gave it to us- how nice!

Ethum had fried chicken strips with french fries. What kid doesn't love that combo? This was the most delicious fried chicken and french fries I have ever had! YUM!! They use local 'proteins' and produce- we love that. I had the warm green bean salad, complete with pear, bacon lardons, and a poached egg. Who on Earth came up with that combo?! I don't know, but it was amazing. Also, I have never eaten so many green beans in one sitting! Dave had the longhorn burger and he was all about it.


It was a late night and the boys were tired so we decided to keep them entertained with a little face-time on the iphone.

It was the best family outing we've had in awhile. I hope you had a super fun weekend too!


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