Thursday, December 1


Over the weekend, we decided to let Avre try rice cereal for the first time. I am totally weirded out by the fact that he is already old enough to eat food! It has gone by so much faster than with Ethum. I guess it's that way with every one's first baby. I never really could get Ethum to eat the stuff and quite frankly, I don't blame him. It's just so bland and blah. This time, I mashed a bit of banana into it. I realize that some people think that their baby will only have a sweet-tooth if you give fruits first, but I home make all of their baby food and they hardly even get to drink juice. They'll be okay. Also, my two year old enjoyed plate of chicken tikka masala with us tonight.. I think he has a balanced palate. Sorry, I think that was called ranting.ha.ha. Anyway, it appeared that he kind of liked it. He ate about 3 bites before making that sour face you see below. Oh, babies are fun...


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